Frequently asked questions.

Are programs online or in person? 

We believe in allowing participants the opportunity to explore careers and have access to learn from experts and companies no matter where they are. Thus our programs are all offered online.

As many companies have post-pandemic shifted to full remote or hybrid models this allows us to offer internship programs from firms that otherwise would not be able to engage with interns.

We also believe this provides participants the opportunity to gain exposure and learn best practices on working in remote professional environments.

Are programs individual or not? 

We believe in an applied learning environment which incorporates a shared learning experience.  And as such our programs are in cohorts of up to 20 other participants.

With certain tasks designated as individual while others are team-based allowing for a collaborative experience.  

What is the typical program experience? 

We've designed our programs to be progressive providing opportunities exploring careers which may be of interest to you to launching your career journey to pursue your goals.

Progressive Career Programs

Starting with pre-internships designed to allow you to begin your journey with zero to near zero experience, just your desire and willingness to explore and begin building your skill sets.

With progressive opportunities to help you go from pre-intern to intern to full-time employement and beyond.

Do I need prior knowledge to apply? 

As per above, our pre-internship programs are designed to have no pre-requisite knowledge, but we do provide an assessment during your application. We do this to best match cohorts together and inform prospective participants whether or not the program they are applying for may fit their specific situation.

How long does a typical program take? 

A typical pre-internship program is designed for 10 weeks. With 2 weeks onboarding / pre-program work followed by the 8 week program operating in 2 week segment increments.

Please check to confirm if the program you are applying for fits your schedule.

What types of careers are offered? 

We will be developing a range of programs for careers of all types, but the focus will be on those careers that we can deliver effectively online. At launch these include data-centric fields including Data Analytics, Data Science and Cybersecurity.

We are continually adding new careers and companies so please contact us for the current list of programs.

Will I be paid for my internship? 

The pre-internships are not paid programs and there may be an associated participant fee for some offered programs.

Internship programs vary based on each specific corporate partner and associated pre-requisites.

What types of skills will I gain? 

We make sure that the Opti internship experience not only focused on providing exposure to career specific technical skills developed with our industry and educational partners, but also learning valuable professional soft skills. As technical skills often are what get you the job, but the professional soft skills allow you to thrive and excel within an organization.

We work to incorporate critical thinking, presentation, time and project management skillsets as part of each pre-internship program.

What credentials will I gain upon completion? 

For pre-internships you will earn a certificate of completion for each program that will allow you to add to your resume, job or college applications. Many of our programs are also accredited allowing you to apply these in the future against future credit hours.

Additionally you will gain a portfolio of projects which you can leverage in future interviews to show your skills and knowledge.

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