Elevate your organization.

Ability to build new pipelines to high-potential, diverse talent while also equipping your existing employees with emerging skills.

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Why Aptitude

Career-based experiences.

We are building a suite of talent solutions to meet your strategic talent requirements.

Customizable programs

Easy to implement by leveraging vetted career programs with access to accredited coursework to go deeper.

Career projects

Applied learning

Develop programs applicable to both pre-skilling of future talent and upskilling of existing talent to close skills gaps.

Career program cohorts

Build diverse, engaged teams

Connect with participating educational institutions to tap into high-potential talent for current and future roles.

Talent Pipeline

Fill your talent pipeline with qualified candidates.

Imagine the ability to source a pipeline of diverse, ideal early candidates ready to perform on day-one.

A set of candidates who have already been pre-screened and pre-trained with the skills and suited for your specific company.

Imagine being able to do so at scale and greater ROI than traditional means.

Customized programs


Customizable, high-quality programs developed with industry experts and educators to prepare "desk-ready" candidates.

Data driven insights


Data-driven insights and dashboard to evaluate candidate career readiness through real projects.

100% remote platform

Managed Platform

100% remote ready, managed platform allowing you to focus on what matters... Talent.
Not administration.

Career Pathways.

Onramps to careers.

  • Career-focused experiences lead to greater engagement with 100% completion rate.
  • Progressive onramps identifying high-potential candidates with confidence.
  • Elevating the effectiveness and return-on-investment of your existing talent programs.

Join us in changing the Future of Work.

Explore how we can re-imagine career discovery and development for your team.

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