Career discovery and development.


Accelerate your journey to lifelong career pathways through real-world experiences with innovative employers and educators.

Find your Aptitude.

Accessible, immersive real-world projects and hands-on experiences developed with innovative companies and industry experts.

Flexible opportunities and pathways to gain workplace skills and experiences to build your skillset to accelerate your future.

The Future of Work. Today.

We believe the best way to gain the skills and discover careers for you is to try it for yourself.  

Opportunities to take it to the next level by applying to pre/internship experiences to gain real experience and see how far you can go.

Explore a Career Project

Career accelerator.

Explore Careers


Explore the right career for you through real-world projects you can complete in an afternoon or evening.

Prepare for Careers


Gain in-demand skills, build your portfolio and network by working on real world projects by real companies.

Rocketship to Careers


Progressive career and mentorship opportunities through the Aptitude platform and community to stand out from the crowd.

Experience driven, technology enabled.

With the growing skills gap impacting employers as the increased demand for real-world experiences as a pre-requisite for job applications and higher-education admissions. We are bringing together early talent, employers and educators to create greater access for everyone, wherever you are.

Delivered on a remotely accessible platform applying AI to provide personalized pathways, career guidance and dashboards to optimize your journey.


Gain in-demand skills, exposure, and experience by working on real-world projects.

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Elevate your organization by building pipelines to high-potential future talent and upskilling existing employees.

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Connect students to careers through real-world experiences to explore careers, gain skills and build professional networks.

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