Let's Get Started | What are we building today?

Congratulations! You took your first step building a mini-project, and we will make sure to set you up for success.

We’re working to provide access to gain real work experiences with leading companies and you’ve taken your first step by building a mini-project that should take you only an afternoon or evening.  

We believe this is a great way to see if a career in Artificial Intelligence or Data Science is right for you.  

Developing each career project with industry experts to give a you a quick way to build something used everyday by giving the behind-the-scenes information on how to get started.   So if don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience as we’ll help you through it and for those who do we’ll show ways to go further.  

When you’re done, add the completed project to your portfolio to impress show what you know.  Also when you complete and submit, you’ll receive a badge which will signal your readiness to take the next step if you decide to apply to a number of our upcoming Internship Career Programs.  

Again welcome to Aptitude and looking forward to helping you take your career journey to the next level.  

So what are we going to be building? 

By the end of this program, you will have built a recommender system, a simplified version to what platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram or YouTube use. It can be as complex or simple as you decide it to be.

If you have no idea what a recommender system is, or have no previous experience, you are in the right place as we've designed this project to not require coding skills, but familiarity with languages such as Python are helpful to get the most out of this exercise. We will introduce you to the core concepts when it comes to building a recommender system, including walking you through steps of building it.

And if you are an expert, impress us! Feel free to skip all the instructions and be creative on your own!

When you finish we hope you'll gain the following:
- Learn more about how Data Science and AI are applied in our everyday lives.
- Add another project to (or start) your portfolio.
- Gain confidence with building things with data.
- See if one of our pre-skilling or pre-internship programs might be of interest to you.

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