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Opportunities to learn and work with leading companies gaining first hand insights to make informed career decisions with confidence.

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Onramps to your career.

We believe that experiences matter and that we all learn better by doing, even if you don't know yet what you're doing, you'll get better connected and understand for yourself if this is the career for you.

Whether you're in high school, college, or a recent graduate start take your first career steps with us. Professional experiences to show what you know, and see how far you can go.

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Experience careers early first-hand to learn which one is for you and make informed decisions on your future.

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Careers are not solitary, so our programs are structured a team-based experience where we learn, build and grow together.

Personalized experiences

Profile-based recommendations to additional career opportunities, accredited coursework and more to support your career journey.

Stand out

From our free career projects to internship programs gain real work experience, build your portfolio of projects and earn certificates to show what you know.


""Prior to this experience, I had never worked with AI nor had I known anything about how it functioned. Thanks to the Pre-Internship experience with Aptitude, I now have a strong understanding of AI fundamentals and able to apply them in a professional environment."

""The pre-internship was a valuable program which taught me not only technical skills, but also important teamwork and job skills which are useful for the future."

""Getting to work in a corporate setting not only taught me the skills necessary to be successful, but allowed me to effectively collaborate with others. I'm now majoring in this field in college."

""The pre-internship blew my expectations out of the water. It was an amazing experience being able to work with a major company and gain professional work experience."

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