What you'll do

Continue as a project manager at WaveRider where we'll be reviewing common project management frameworks, selecting one together that best fits our needs and then updating the project timeline into the selected framework for us.

Let's identify and use the best project management framework for us

There are a wide range of methodologies and frameworks used by companies and organizations of all sizes and industries, let's get familiar with a few of the commonly used ones and see which might fit us.

Once we do so we'll work on taking the action items and plan that we've completed using the framework selected getting the opportunity to use the framework and tools.

Skills you'll learn and do

This module typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours, so find an afternoon or evening to give it a try or spread it over a few days.

You'll gain exposure and an opportunity to apply the following.

Project Management Principles and Methodologies

  • Learn common project management methodologies and frameworks.
  • Understand which situations to apply these frameworks to your own situation and understand the benefits to improve project efficiency, transparency and outcomes.
  • Help identify which one fits WaveRider's situation best based on what you know.

Time Management

  • Use a selected framework to break down tasks into more efficient timeframes.
  • Learn how to allocate your team's time more effectively across activities to meet deadlines.
  • Apply the selected framework on your timeline.  

Task prioritization

  • Identify critical activities and tasks, ensuring they are completed on schedule to meet established deadlines.
  • Opportunity to get hands-on experience using commonly used tools to organize and prioritize tasks.

Let's get started