What you'll do

Join as a project manager in this career project help coordinate the opening of a simulated WaveRider rental and retail store location.

Welcome to WaveRider

Let's coordinate a new retail store opening


Welcome to our team! WaveRider has proudly served the West Coast surfing community for the past few years, and we are happy to have you join us in our mission.

As our new Project Manager at WaveRider, you will play a crucial role in further serving the surfing community, as we open a new retail and rental branch. Your goal will be to help WaveRider prepare for the expansion and opening of this new location, while building and maintaining a project timeline, so that we can track progress and make this expansion as seamless as possible.

This is the first time WaveRider will be expanding into this new region, and we’re super excited to broaden our community. We’re confident that with your help, we’ll be more prepared for our opening day!


Your primary objective is to read through the main tasks that need to be completed, understand their interdependencies, and be aware of their deadlines. This process will serve as the foundation for creating an initial project timeline, enabling you to refine your prioritization and planning abilities.

Throughout different tasks, you will be managing different action items for this project, such as inventory management, hiring and marketing. To begin with, we will only focus on the first few tasks that require immediate attention such as:

  • Shop Setup: Design and set up the surfboard rental shop, including stocking surfboards and equipment.
  • Inventory Management: Establish inventory tracking systems and ensure a consistent supply of surfboards and equipment.

It’s of utmost importance that we have all of our products and store essentials stocked before the branch’s opening day, which will happen eight weeks from today. In the worksheet below, you will find each task and their dependencies, along with the deadlines and estimations. Using the worksheet, please determine a realistic schedule of each task creating a project timeline for WaveRider.

This role will demand your organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to coordinate multiple tasks to meet the project's objectives. Your work will be instrumental in ensuring the timely and efficient launch of the new Pacifica branch, demonstrating your commitment to WaveRider's growth and success.

We’re excited to see where you can go!

Skills you'll gain

Typically this career project takes 1 to 1.5 hours for most people depending on your prior exposure and familiarity with coordinating projects either in a business setting or in your personal life.

Project Management Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the need for project management.
  • Learn and get opportunity to use some of the common project management frameworks used in the workplace today.
  • Learn about in-demand careers in project management.

Project Management Principles and Methodologies

  • Gain an understanding of project management principles, methodologies and more.
  • Task Identification:  The ability to break down a project into individual tasks and sub-tasks, considering their dependencies and sequencing.
  • Dependency Management: Proficiency in recognizing task dependencies and how they affect scheduling.
  • Critical Path Analysis: Understanding how to identify the critical path, which is the sequence of tasks that determines the project's overall duration. This involves identifying tasks with no float or slack time.

Time Estimation

  • Gain familiarity with estimating the time to complete task accurately. This may include using historical data, expert judgment, or other estimation techniques.
  • Prioritization: The ability to prioritize tasks based on their importance, deadlines, and resource constraints.
  • Scheduling: The ability to span tasks across time while taking into account multiple factors.

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