Manage a WaveRider Store Opening


What You'll Be Working On

In this simulated project you'll apply your project management knowledge to craft a timeline for WaveRider’s new store opening, while taking into account deadlines and dependencies.

Project Task

In this project, you will get the chance to schedule a few action items, while following a strategy that makes sure all dependencies, deadlines and task durations are considered.

In your worksheet, you will find two sheets:

  • Action Items: Where all action items are stored, and their sub-items, coupled with their deadlines, dependencies and task durations.
  • Timeline: Where the time left between today and Pacifica branch opening day is broken into weeks. In those weeks, you will see that we’ve scheduled some of the sub-items as an example for you.

You will schedule the sub-items that have not been scheduled yet, following the step-by-step approach provided in the task instructions.

To get started download the Task Information and Worksheet provided in the Project Resources section below.

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