Data Science and AI Foundations

Build an AI Recommender System.

Start with a Career Project and see how far you can go.

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What is a recommender system?

Have you ever thought how many of the services we use everyday determine the content we interact with? What products are best for us to buy? What movies or shows to watch? 

Get started by working on a mini-project to build a basic recommender system using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence principles.

Let's get started!

Who are these career projects built for? 

This project and internship-based career programs are specifically designed for anyone wanting to take the first step to a career in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence through opportunities to gain experience working on real-world challenges.


If you're curious and want to learn more.

We go beyond the hype and allow you to discover what it really is, we'll help you take the first step.
No pre-requisites necessary.

If you wish to get started with confidence.

Gain an advantage over others by earning hands-on experience and industry insights to know what it takes.

If you want to gain experience to go forward.

We provide a path that allows you to earn experience while learning skills all in one.  When you finish you'll have a professional work example to show off.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What will I do? 

We'll provide insights into the careers associated with each project, cover foundational principles and guides to complete the project.

How much does it cost?

All of our project-based initiatives, basic access to the community and career events, and our follow-on career programs are free to you. We just ask you tell others if you like it.

What is the time commitment?

The project should take you 3-4 hours. We've designed it for most people to complete in an evening or weekend all depending on your skill level

Do I need to know programming?

If you know Python or similar language you should have everything covered. But if you don't we will provide guides and access to a community of peers and experts to help you along.

Are there set times or free to my schedule? 

Projects are asynchronous so you can work on your own schedule. Our internship-based programs are a mix of live and asynchronous.

What will I earn upon completion?

You will earn a badge on the Aptitude community and have a project you can use to showcase your skills to others.

Let's get started!