What you'll do

Join as a prompt engineer in this simulated project to classify and address customer issues by generating custom responses using ChatGPT.

Welcome to the WaveRider Team

Skills You'll Learn and Do

This first module focused on prompt engineering typically takes an hour depending on your prior exposure and familiarity with AI concepts and ChatGPT.

Prompt Engineering and Language Modeling

  • Understand concept of prompts as input for generating text using language models.
  • Learn the components of a prompt:  instruction, context and examples.
  • Learn how to design clear and explicit instructions for desired model outputs.


  • Gain familiarity using ChatGPT platform for generating repsonses.
  • Setting up your account on ChatGPT.
  • Learn how to input prompts, generate responses and make choices on ChatGPT.

Customer Interaction and Communication

  • Understand the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Craft responses which are engaging, helpful and aligned with the company's brand.
  • Get insights into communicating effectively and professionally with customers.

Let's Learn about Prompt Engineering